TIOS Enterprise Performance Platform

Radically improve and transform

enterprise performance in multiple areas.

TIOS is a behavioural design company, applying systemic modelling and combining the humanities and technologies to produce high performing enterprise solutions. The outcome is a globally unique, non-linear, systemic design method and a resulting transformative platform.

All performance is non-linear and systemic, whereas enterprise digital software and platforms are inherently linear and disconnected, creating inertia and stifling performance. Applied Systemics provides the design formula and process to create performance in any open system environment, in this case across any enterprise.

TIOS has necessarily applied the systemic principles to the recruitment and development of a uniquely skilled team. This team have in turn applied the non-linear design method to produce Omnia, the world's first non-linear Enterprise Performance Platform.

Globally unique non-linear platform delivering disruptive and complete Digital Transformation

Omnia is the world’s first non-linear relationship platform for enterprise that promotes, manages and sustains exceptional and unmatched enterprise performance (it fully encompasses Agile method, not something previously achieved for enterprise).

It is almost impossible to imagine the performance improvements and complete integration that the platform is capable of delivering across sales, marketing and management. It is relationship focused and completely unified. It provides vision, direction and visibility that optimises the outcomes of all users including sales teams, management and customers. It encourages a performance culture.

Vitally, Omnia optimises customer capture and transforms customer relationships and their experience. The effect on financial performance is predictable and measurable.

It is strategically aligned, fast, endlessly adaptable, organic, quick and simple to deploy. It is low risk with a very high ROI, it encourages a strategic culture and eliminates the inertia of disparate legacy systems that subvert enterprise outcomes.

Exclusive licences ensure that an Omnia client will be a disruptor in their sector.

Omnia is simply revolutionary and the only one of its kind.

Non-Linear Morphogenic Behavioural System Design from TIOS, delivering the unimaginable

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